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Growth Chart - A Screening Tool

Growth Chart - A Screening Tool

Growth charts are useful SCREENING TOOLS that medical providers use at medical visits.  The percentile is based on the average of all children of that assigned gender at birth born at that day.

Infants (0-36 months)
- Height, weight and head circumference measurements are all plotted on a growth chart.
- Premature infants have their own special growth charts for their "corrected age."
- Head circumference allows us to know that the brain is growing and developing.  Too much of an increase is worrisome for possible fluid around the brain.
- A quick way to know if weight is on track is that the birth weight doubles by 6 months and triples by 12 months.
- Weight cant slow down when a baby starts to crawl/walk due to using up more calories.

Children (2 yrs and up)
- Height, weight and body mass index (BMI) are measurements used to track growth and nutrition.
- Genetics, nutrition, environment and activity can all play a factor.
- Ideally, the weight should match the same percentile as the child's height.
- Overweight and obesity are MEDICAL TERMS based on the BMI chart.  Overweight is 85% and above and obese is 95% and above on the BMI scale.
- Weight can be a very sensitive subject to discuss but important to review to make sure that your child is HEALTHY.
- Losing weight is not always the focus but maintaining weight is sometimes the goal.

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Samantha Reeh, CPNP Samantha Reeh has been a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) for over 5 years. She believes in providing education to parents and children about their health and wellness. Her goal is to help teach families to take control of their health, both physical and emotional, and be active participants in their care. While not in the clinic taking care of patients or doing her weekly live Facebook videos, she loves spending time with her 2 dogs and exercising.

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