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Car Seats & Booster

Carseats and Boosters

Car Seats/Boosters

Always refer back to the manufacturer's guide for exact recommendations.  Children should always ride in the back seat while in a car seat or booster.

Rear Facing
- Infant up to the age of 2 (or weight and height requirements are met)
- Straps fit snug against thin layer of clothing
- Do not place anything behind the back.  Can support legs underneath to prevent slouching down.
- Children are flexible and if too long for the seat but not heavy enough, they will find a comfortable position before making the transition to forward facing.

Forward Facing
- Typically up to the weight of 65 lbs.
- Do not allow toddlers to unbuckle when the car is in motion.  Pull car over to a safe area if they do to place them safely back in their seat.

- Up until the height of 4 feet 9 inches.
- Can have a back or be backless.
- Shoulder strap of seat belt to stay across the chest.

Older children/Teens
- Can ride in the front seat if above 4 feet 9 inches and above 130 lbs.
- Must wear the shoulder strap portion of the seat belt.
- Do not allow them to ride in the back of pick up trucks.


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Samantha Reeh, CPNP Samantha Reeh has been a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) for over 5 years. She believes in providing education to parents and children about their health and wellness. Her goal is to help teach families to take control of their health, both physical and emotional, and be active participants in their care. While not in the clinic taking care of patients or doing her weekly live Facebook videos, she loves spending time with her 2 dogs and exercising.

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