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Bedwetting is common in girls until the age of 6 and in boys until the age of 8.  If a parent or an older sibling had night time bedwetting issues, then it is more likely to occur.  

Tips to help :

- No drinks after dinner.  Make sure the child is staying well hydrated during the day.

- No sugary beverages during the day

(OK, let's be practical - LEAST amount of sugary beverages during the day?)

- Treat underlying constipation.

- Double void.  30 minutes before bed, sit on the toilet and try to relax for 5 minutes to empty the bladder.  Right before bed, repeat.

- Are we having sleep apnea?  Is your child snoring and not even noticing they are wetting the bed?  If so, address this with your provider at a visit.

- There are bedwetting alarms that can help and are purchased online.

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Topic: Bed-wetting - 01/29/21.

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Samantha Reeh, CPNP Samantha Reeh has been a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (CPNP) for over 5 years. She believes in providing education to parents and children about their health and wellness. Her goal is to help teach families to take control of their health, both physical and emotional, and be active participants in their care. While not in the clinic taking care of patients or doing her weekly live Facebook videos, she loves spending time with her 2 dogs and exercising.

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