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CONSTANTLY Improvising .... Kid's Workspace for School

Kid's Workspace
If you're anything like myself, once the space is neat and clean, we think that it's going to remain that way .... NOT!  We as Parents are CONSTANTLY improvising to find BETTER ways of organizing to help our kids focus, make the process, quicker and easier (also to keep us sane - but that's beside the point ;-)
Here is what has worked for me:
The Visible....
- Separate Desks (Folding tables work great!)
- Separate Rooms per grade level (this only works if you have some kids who are self  sufficient, little ones will need to remain close - possiibly upto 4th or 5th graders)
- Workbooks, Spirals, a small caddy for pencils, erasers, marker, etc. should be set visible and convenient to reach.
- Lamp next to desk
- A bin next to desk to upload documents and quickly put away. Available through Quarter/Semester if needed.
- and YES, a toilet paper role on the desk when you can't find tissue paper - LOL! Saw that AFTER I took the pic:)
The Invisible...
-LOTS & LOTS of patience.  Toilet paper roll helps sometimes if we just have to relieve ourselves and bawl!

Definately look into the following article for organizing kid's work space ideas:
Sadia Sheikh, MOM, MBA Sadia Sheikh is an MBA from West Texas A&M University. She helped establish KID-DOC Pediatrics in 2002 and since then has been serving as Practice Manager and Director of Marketing. She is happy to help establish an organization which prides itself in serving the families and children of San Antonio. Mom first, it is important to her to help bring success to an organization who serves to bring up healthy, successful, and strong leaders of the future.

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