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Ear Piercing Specialist

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KID-DOC Pediatrics

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If you or your child wants an ear piercing, or if ear piercing is a tradition in your family, there’s no better place to do it than at your pediatrician’s office. KID-DOC Pediatrics makes the ear piercing process safe, fun, and easy at their state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas. To get started, call the office or book a visit online.

Ear Piercing Q&A

Why should my child’s ear piercing be done by a pediatrician?

When you’re making the decision of who to trust with your child’s ear piercing, there are a lot of options, from piercing salons to mall kiosks. Having your child’s ear piercing performed by a pediatrician, however, ensures that it will be done safely and effectively and can reduce the risk of complications like infections, inaccurate placement, and lobe damage.

The experts at KID-DOC Pediatrics are highly skilled in ear piercing and have the advantage of having a medical background. That means the team can evaluate your child’s ear lobes to determine if anything could pose a problem when piercing. You can also rest assured that your child’s piercing will be done in a safe and sterile environment. 

They also understand the unique needs of children and provide emotional support and friendly care that children might need during their piercing procedure.

What happens during an ear piercing?

After inspecting your child’s earlobes for any issues that might complicate their piercing procedure, your pediatrician uses a non-permanent pen to mark the location on each earlobe. 

Then, they check to make sure that they’re even. If your child is nervous about their piercings, your provider might offer to use a topical anesthetic to numb their earlobes so they don’t feel anything. 

If your child is getting their piercing done with a “gun,” your provider simply lines up the gun’s stud with the mark on their earlobe, then squeezes the device. This pushes the piercing through their lobe and into the earring’s back, securing it in place.

If your child is getting their piercing done with a needle, your provider first uses the needle to puncture their lobe, then inserts the needle into the hole.

How should my child care for their ear piercing?

The team at KID-DOC Pediatrics provides you with specific aftercare instructions to follow. Generally speaking, your child will need to clean the front and back of their earlobes a few times a day with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide. They should also rotate the earring studs a few times a day. 

Following your aftercare instructions will help keep your child’s piercings clean and free from infection.

To learn more about the ear piercing services offered at KID-DOC Pediatrics, call the office or use the online tool to schedule a visit today.